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All about the Jaw!

All about the Jaw!!

TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint, the joint between the mandible (your lower jaw) and the temporal bones (on the side of your skull).  When this joint is the cause of pain and/or other complaints the condition is referred to as TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). 

Common symptoms of TMD include 

Our chiropractors are trained to help optimize function and relieve pain in all joints, including the jaw! We carefully assess how the joint is moving and this assessment determines the treatment plan. The joint can be mobilized and adjusted in a gentle way with the Activator. This specialized technique allows us to restore joint motion and decrease painful symptoms with minimal force. We will specifically address the different possible muscular contributors, checking for trigger points in any of the muscles of the TMJ complex. This involves assessing the muscles located between the cheeks and the ear, under the jaw, around the chin, the temples, and in front of the neck as they all contribute to how the TMJ functions. Patients are often surprised to find tenderness in muscles they didn’t know about! Treatment plans are individualized for each case, but usually includes some muscle release and gentle joint mobilization/adjustment. 

TMD can result from several causes/triggers, including stress and trauma. Whiplash in particular often causes strain on the jaw as well as the neck, so it is important for your provider to also address this area to ensure proper care and healing after trauma such as a motor vehicle collision. 

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