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Advanced Diagnostic Testing


Advanced Diagnostic Testing


The Myovision Surface EMG is similar to an EKG for the heart. It uses a hand held instrument that are placed over the spinal muscles of the neck and back to identify the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. It allows us to see exactly where in the spine there is lack of or excessive function. Also it detects imbalances in the spine by illustrating the difference in the level of activity between the left and right side of your back. We then focus on restoring proper function to these areas so you can thrive again and live pain free. The test is painless, quick. and most importantly, it allows us to properly diagnose and treat the root cause of your problem.

The DynaROM test is a combined ROM and muscle EMG. This test is crucial for traumatic injuries such as car accident injuries. It is the latest technology from Precision Biometrics and was developed within the last couple of years. It is causing a paradigm shift in how motor vehicle accidents are treated by insurers. With this testing we can see how muscles are working during movement. This test specially shows in what part of neck and low back motion supporting muscles are failing. This revolutionary test shows why residual neck or low back pain can persist after having full range of motion.


Postural Evaluation is performed by taking a picture of you at two different angles. The pictures are then marked with points and the computer software lets us know where your largest postural distortions are. Such distortion can be misalignments of your ears related to you shoulder which would cause your head to be more forward than it should be. This leads to extra stress on your lower neck and upper mid-back. Other common distortions are knees in relation to hip and ankles which can cause low back pain. After analyzing this test we are able to give you specific home exercises designed to alleviate pain, correct posture and prevent future problems.



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