Radicular Pain

Radicular Pain or Radiculitis is a pain that radiates into the lower extremity directly along the course of a spinal nerve root. Radicular pain is caused by compression, inflammation and/or injury to a spinal nerve root arising from common conditions including herniated disc, foraminal stenosis, and peridural fibrosis. The most common symptom of radicular pain is usually called sciatica or sometimes radiculopathy, which is pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve down the back of the thigh and sometimes into the calf and foot.

Radicular pain can be effectively treated conservatively (non-surgically) with physical therapy, medications & epidural injections.

How can Chiropractor help in Radicular Pain?

With the help of advanced diagnostic testing, an MRI of the impinging nerve root, experienced chiropractor, Dr. Jas Walia can help alleviate radicular pain by pinpointing the specific area where the pain may be coming from. He will make use of a number of non-invasive techniques to take the pressure off the nerve by realigning the vertebrae.

Chiropractic care may include:

  • Spinal manipulation or mobilization
  • Spinal Traction / Spinal decompression
  • Massage Therapy
  • Use Ice to reduce the inflammation and/or heat to encourage blood flow to help the irritated area to heal
  • Recommendations to modify personal habits and lifestyle (including diet, body mechanics, and a stretching and exercise program)

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