Car Accident Injuries

Why Should You Visit Your Chiropractor?

If you or anyone you know has been in a car accident and ended up with back and neck pain, you might want to consider car accident treatment at a chiropractor. There are a few reasons why a chiropractor is your best option when this happens. Although many people, including your family physician, might tell you that back and neck pain just goes along with a car accident, it actually can cause serious problems down the road if it is not taken care of. Because family physicians do not specialize in the neck and back area, they are not able to pinpoint the actual problems you might be having.

The reason that so many people complain of neck and back pain after a car accident is because it is quite easy to injure those areas. That is because of your back and neck tense up at impact or even right before the accident because you are so surprised at what is happening. Since your muscles are tense at the time of impact, you have a much greater chance at tweaking or even seriously injuring something. A chiropractor actually specializes in pinpointing these injuries and they know how to cure them, which is why they are the perfect car accident treatment.

Another common issue with people after a car accident is that their neck or back only hurts for a little while, so they just forget about it. The problem with this is that these back and neck problems actually can turn into something more serious years later. If you receive car accident treatment at a chiropractor, they will be able to fix the problem before it starts. The x-rays they can take can show them if anything is misaligned. This misalignment does not necessarily hurt immediately, but almost always causes problems later in life as it gets worse.

The Car Accident Care that your chiropractor will do will vary, but it typically includes an x-ray and then some form of a chiropractic adjustment. Many times vertebra in the back and neck are out of place a little bit, so they just will have to put them back in the proper place. Something as small as this can make you feel a lot better. Sometimes the treatment can be done immediately, while others will take a few different treatments to completely fix the problem. To schedule an appointment or receive more information on medication-free treatment, please call us at (206) 782 9762.

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